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 Current construction parameter panel

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Pop up panels

 Current construction parameter panel

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Pop up panels

 Current construction parameter panel

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The Panel is intended to set and edit parameters of constructions, 3D models and Illuminators. The Panel appears automatically at the bottom of the Graphics area when drawing or editing constructions.


When there is more than one selected object on the layout, the Selection editing panel appears in place of the Current construction parameters panel.


The set of the parameters for each kind of construction (point, line, rectangle, etc.) differs.


For example:

for a point it is coordinates of the point, and its heights in 3D;
for a line segment it is coordinates of the segment's ends, length, angle and its heights in 3D;
for a rectangle it is coordinates of corners, height, width and its heights in 3D, etc.


Options of the panel in Construction and Editing modes differ.


       In the Construction mode:



It is possible to draw constructions, having set the parameters sufficient for complete definition of this construction.

For example, for a line segment it is enough to set coordinates of the first and second point, or coordinates of the first point, an angle and length.


It is possible to fix some parameters of construction, having marked check boxes nearby these parameters  At moving the cursor, the construction will be drawn in such a manner that the fixed parameter will remain constant.


For example, for a line segment it is possible to fix length or angle, for a rectangle - width or height, etc.


The just completed construction or 3D model can be immediately edited by changing the parameters on the Panel or by moving the pink grips when they are. The possibilities of editing the just completed construction without switching to the editing state are limited so as not to interfere with the continuation of the construction.

Right after a construction has been drawn, in the right end of the panel Edit button appears. Clicking this button allows editing just created construction will all possibilities.


       In the Editing mode:


It is possible to edit any parameters of construction from keyboard, thus the result of changing will be visible at once.


In both modes it is possible to change the minimal, own and maximal heights of the construction in 3D irrespective of parameters of line type, by which the construction is drawn.


In multi-level projects, the height are calculated relative to base height of a layer to which the construction belongs.

Using the buttons, you can assign a color for the construction in the Graphics window, in the 3D window and for printing, regardless of the color of the line type.


The and buttons can be used to assign the construction coverage material and unassign the material. Any raster images in the formats * .bmp, * .jpg, * .gif, * .tif, * .png can be used as materials.

Pressing the button selects a separate material for the front side of the wall . The button can be used to swap the sides of the wall.

The button selects the material for the top of the Polygon. You can select material from the menu, load a picture from a file, or copy a picture from the layout.


See more: Materials


The Transparency checkbox controls the transparency of the Polygon in the Graphics window, the transparency of the 3D image and the transparency of the Inclined rectangle .

Transparence of 3D images, transparence of Inclined rectangle and transparency of the Polygon have different purport.

Inclined rectangle becomes completely transparent by 70 %, what makes possible modeling glass.


On 3D image, if its raster image is not *.png, pixels become completely transparent, which color coincides with color of the left- bottom pixel. Other pixels remain opaque.

If its raster image is *.png, then transparent pixels of png file will be transparent in VideoCAD ( *.png format supports transparency).

Thus, you can model objects of irregular shape using 3D images.

Polygon becomes transparent in the Graphics window (2D).


When drawing a Double line Wall or Aperture in Wall, on the Panel appear additional elements:

Box in which it is possible to choose or enter from the keyboard the width of the double line (wall or aperture).
Two buttons allow switching the orientation of the second line relatively to the first one.

You can also switch the orientation quickly with the help of the Space bar.



       3D model, Illuminator, 3D image, Inclined rectangle, transparency


During placing or editing 3D models, special parameter set on the Current construction parameter panel is displayed.


See details: 3D models.


During placing or editing Illuminators, special parameter set on the Current construction parameter panel is displayed.


See details: Illuminator.


During drawing or editing 3D images using the Current construction parameter panel it is possible:

Load raster image by Load image button;
Delete image by Delete image .button;
Mark Transparence box to make pixels transparent, which color coincides with the color of the left-bottom pixel.


During Inclined rectangle drawing or editing it is possible to make it transparent by 70 %. To do this mark Transparence box.