Length calculation of line segments

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Length calculation of line segments

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Length calculation of line segments

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Length calculation of line segments

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With this tool it is possible to calculate total length of line segments of the chosen line type. Thus, it is possible to use certain line types as cables.


Only line segment lengths are summarized. Lengths of other type constructions are not summarized.


Line type


In the combo box you can select line type. Line segments made by the line type will be summarized.


Cables only


When this box is checked, in the Line type combo box only line types which are considered as cables are shown (the Cable box in the line type parameters is checked).


Selected only


Summarize selected segments only.


After selecting line type, in the On the current layout and On all layouts boxes calculation results will appear.


Additional buttons:


Refresh - Recalculate.


Close - Close the box.


Help - open this Help topic.


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