Signal cable length calculation box

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Signal cable length calculation box

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Signal cable length calculation box

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Signal cable

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VideoCAD summarises the lengths of all the segments, considers the reserves and calculates the total length of cable.


To change the default parameters and obtain the calculation results double-click on any cable segment or click Signal cable again.

A dialog box of the same name appears after that.


Cable brand


In this box you can assign a brand to the signal cable of the active camera. Cable brands are Names of line types, which are considered as cables (the Cable box in the line type parameters is checked).. Thus we assign simultaneously cable brand and correspondent line type by which the cable will be drawn on layouts.


We can obtain Cable report which contains cable lengths of each brand separately.


The results of the cables' calculation on each individual camera and on the project as a whole are included into the text file obtained by Text report and in the Table of cameras.


See also: Power cable electrical parameters and length calculation box, View>Active camera cables, View>All cameras' cables, Length calculation of line segments, Cable report.