Table of cameras

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Table of cameras

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Table of cameras

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Table of cameras

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The table of cameras can be used to control and edit camera parameters in the project, and for obtaining different reports as well.


Filters, sorting and Views of the Table of cameras are used to filter cameras and camera parameters in the PDF report.


In the table there are all input camera parameters used in the program for calculation and all output parameters - calculation results.

Rows in the table correspond to cameras and columns in the table correspond to parameters. The subordinate rows in the tree structure of the first column of the table represent positions of the cameras represented by the parent rows.


To get help for any parameter, select a cell and press F1 or use the Help of parameter (F1) item in the pop-up menu.


For different projects, different sets of parameters can be required.

Unused columns in the table can be hidden. It is possible to create variety of table views with different sets of columns and switch between them.


Search filtering, sorting of cameras by parameters are possible


It is possible to print or export the table or its separate fragments into formats *.txt, *.csv, *.htm, *.rtf, *.xls, *.xlsX, *.xml.


It is possible to copy fragments to Excel using standard copying and pasting.


In the table the sums of some parameters are automatically calculated. The sums are displayed in the bottom row.


The Table of cameras is interactive. As a result of double clicking on any cell, camera corresponding the row is activated and a box or several boxes are opened.  In the boxes it is possible to control or change the parameter located in the cell. This function makes the table suitable for control and editing camera parameters.


See also: Table Interface, Tool bar, Pop-up menu, Camera parameters.