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Graphics window

Main menu




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Left side of the tab


In the tab left part you can see and change parameters of any VideoCAD font type.


Up to 100 types of fonts can be used in VideoCAD project.


Parameters in the tab left part:


Number - the number of the displayed font type. Each font type has unique number from 1 to 30.


Name - the name of the font type. The name can be changed.


Style in Windows - the name of font typeface. It can be chosen from the list.


It is necessary to remember that not all the font typefaces are scaled correctly. To use VideoCAD it is recommended to use only scalable typefaces (True Type or Open Type). Using bit-mapped fonts (e.g.,MS Sans Serif) is not recommended.


Height - The font height in inches (in the actual drawing sizes). 1 inch = 2.54cm.

If the Scalable box is not checked, then the height has only relative sense.


Style - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike out


Screen color - font color on the screen


Print Color - font color at printing.


Scalable -


If the box is checked, then the font size will change together with changing the drawing scale. The text typed in such font can be rotated to any angle. The box should be checked for the majority of fonts.
If the box is not checked, the font size will not change at changing the drawing scale, and at rotating text typed in such font it will be always horizontal. Such fonts are used for the camera names and titles. They prove to be convenient for creating labels to be read at any scale.

Right side of the tab


In the tab right part you can see and change numbers of system fonts:


Font of the titles displaying;
Font of the titles displaying in 3D Video;
Font of the camera name displaying in the Graphics window.
Font of the camera name displaying in the 3D World..


It is not recommended to use the system fonts and change their parameters without necessary. Sometimes it leads to confusion.


Inking texts Texts can be highlighted by a contrasting color, that makes them better distinguishable. In the combobox you can select the thin outline or the rectangle background.