3D Models

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3D Models

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3D Models

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3D Models

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The 3D Models window is intended to manage 3D models in the program library.


The 3D Models window can be opened in several ways:


Via the Main menu > 3D models> 3D Models window;
By clicking the button on the Current construction parameter panel during placement or editing 3D models. In the 3D Models window the placed or edited 3D model will be loaded.
Adding a new model via Main menu >3D Models> Add 3D model. The 3D Models window will appeared automatically after opening a 3D model file, the new 3D model will be loaded into the 3D Models window.


Like the 3D World, tThe 3D Models window consists of display area and panels with tools.

On the top of panels there is a button of choosing 3D models. Clicking on the button opens a menu where you can select a 3D model from 3D model available in the library of 3D models. Below there are 3 tabs:




Navi (navigation)


For general 3D models of variety of objects, people , vehicles etc. tools on the Model tab are enough. The other tabs are intended to work with 3D models-territories.   For example 3D model of the building , terrain, etc. You can place inside these 3D models: cameras, constructions and other 3D models.


In VideoCAD Lite there is only one tab - Model. In VideoCAD Professional there are more tabs View and Navigation.

Changes in the 3D Models window will be applied to all instances of the 3D model already placed in the project. If you need several variants of the same 3D model with different properties, create a copy of the 3D model.


You can resize the 3D Models window by dragging its borders by mouse. Via resizing the window, you can change resolution of the 3D model's projection for  displaying in the Graphics window.

The 3D model's projection is updated at the moment of clicking the Save projection button.


See also: 3D Video, 3D World