Illuminator calculation

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Illuminator calculation

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Illuminator calculation

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Current construction parameter panel

Illuminator calculation

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The box is intended for specifying internal lighting and photometric parameters of illuminator for modeling the illuminator in VideoCAD.

The box appears during illuminator creation and can be called at illuminator editing by the Illuminator calculation button on the Current construction parameter panel.


The Illuminator calculation button is displayed on the Current construction parameter panel only during creation or editing of illuminator.


Illuminator parameters are divided into:


Lamp parameters;
Luminaire parameters.


Begin entering parameters from parameters of lamp (strictly from Lamp type at the up-left corner). During entering lamp parameters, the derivative parameters will be calculated automatically. After entering all parameters, it is possible to correct derivative parameters if necessary.


After entering parameters click OK.


The created illuminator model with specified parameters will be the calculation result.


For information in the box the following values are displayed:


Axial light intensity;
Illumination produced by the illuminator at specified distance an axis of radiation.


Using a luxmeter you can check illumination value on specified distance from the real illuminator, then choose parameters to achieve full identity of the model and the real illuminator.


You can change location of created illuminator model in horizontal projection by moving and rotating similarly to other constructions. Illuminators can be copied.

You can specify installation height, vertical inclination angle, dispersion, switch illuminator ON/ OFF on the Current construction parameter panel.


Created Illuminator will take part in 3D image modeling from some camera only if for this camera:

Illumination modeling is switched on;
Illuminators are enabled;
The Illuminator is switched on.


While modeling Illuminators VideoCAD considers only direct light. Reflected light can be considered only approximately by specifying a part of light from this Illuminator diffused on the scene. Shadows cannot be modeled in VideoCAD6.


See also: Lamp parameters, Luminaire parameters, IR illuminators, Illuminator, Current construction parameter panel>Illuminator, 3D Video>Image parameters panel>Scene.

External link: "The principles of CCTV design in VideoCAD. Part 4. Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV"(*.pdf) .