Test object box

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Test object box

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Test object box

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 Test object

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The box displays a test object and its image on the display conventionally.


Test object is a vertical parallelepiped situated perpendicular to the ground projection of camera lens main optical axis.


You can change the horizontal and vertical sizes of parallelepiped, its depth, its height above the ground, shift from the lens main optical axis projection and the distance between camera location and test object as well.


In multi-level 3D projects the height of the test object is calculated relative the Base height of the camera, for which the test object belongs.


In the display box you can see an approximate image of the closest to the camera parallelepiped surface and the information on which part of screen is occupied with this surface top, bottom and height.


You can choose a parameter taken as a full screen and correspondingly obtain the information on this surface sizes in percentage, pixels and millimetres (inches in case of Imperial format).

Using the test object you can obtain the better part of geometrical and resolution parameters on different sections of view area.


In the 3D Video in the graphical editing state of the active camera you can see the actual image of test object as a parallelepiped with numbers on sides. Changing the location of the test object and its sizes you can estimates of the symbol readability on the sides in different sections of view area.


Using the button Test object location or the corresponding item of the graphics window menu you can also change a test object location.

The same window allows observing an actual image of test object in horizontal and vertical projections.


Working with a test object in the graphics window and in the 3D Video is available only within a graphical edit state of active camera.