Camera model filter

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Camera model filter

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Camera model filter

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Graphics window


 Camera model filter


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Using the panel, you can filter camera models in the Active camera model combobox and in the Table of camera models according to the selected criteria.

As criteria, you can specify part of the model name, camera type, sensor size, ranges of resolution, lens focal length, horizontal view angle, maximum IR illumination distance, price. You can select the camera feature, body shape, environmental protection, supply voltage, manufacturer and provider.


The panel can be called from the Graphics window by pressing the Camera model Filter or from the Table of camera models by pressing the Camera model filter.

If the filter is enabled, the icon on the button turns red .


When the panel is called from the Graphics window, it works in conjunction with the Active camera model drop-down list and the Photo of camera model box.


After opening the panel, select the table in which you want to show only camera models that meet your criteria: All models or Models already used in the project.


Then, using the fields with parameters, select the filtering criteria. To enable a criterion, check the checkbox to the right of the criterion.


To enable or disable filtering, check / clear the Enable filter checkbox at the top of the panel.


In addition to filtering camera models using the panel, it is possible to build detailed filters by any parameters of the Table of camera models.


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