Sensitivity and Resolution

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Sensitivity and Resolution

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Sensitivity and Resolution

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Graphics window

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Sensitivity and Resolution


In the box sensitivity and resolution parameters of the active camera present.

Here you can choose camera type: color, black-white or day/night.


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If in the project it is required only to place cameras and choose lens focal lengths, and it is not required to model illumination and image resolution, this box can be not used.


       Sensitivity parameters


Sensitivity parameters are used in image modeling taking into account camera sensitivity and scene illumination.

Sensitivity parameters are taken into account only when:


3D Video is visible;
Illumination modeling is switched on.


Camera sensitivity is determined by set of parameters of camera and lens, therefore in the box there are 2 big panels:




For image modeling considering scene illumination, parameters in white boxes should be set.

Parameters in grey boxes are results of calculation.

Some parameters correspond to adjustments on cases of cameras and lenses.


To allow lens contamination, dirt, camera degradation and parameter variation it is necessary to set Maintenance factor of cameras on the 3D modeling tab of the Options box.


See also: About camera sensitivity.


       Resolution parameters


Resolution parameters are used in modeling resolution of image from the active camera in the 3D Video.

Number of pixels is also taken into account when calculating person detection, identification and license plate reading areas and pixel density.


       Model of active camera


Model combo box duplicates similar combo box on the Tool bar of the Graphics window. It is convenient to assign all parameters in this box at once through assignment of camera model to the active camera in the Model combo box.

After model assignment changing some parameters is locked according to model limits. To unlock parameters it is necessary to choose MODEL NOT ASSIGNED in the Model box.


Near the box there is Table of camera models button for displaying detailed Table of camera models.

The button duplicates similar button on the Tool bar of the Graphics window.


The Sensitivity and Resolution box can be used for comparison of images from various camera models and lens according to known parameters.

By assigning different models to the active camera it is possible to compare images of the same scene which can be obtained using different camera and lens models.


See more: Camera, Lens

External link: "The principles of CCTV design in VideoCAD. Part 4. Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV"(*.pdf) .