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Starting from version 11.1, licenses of all modifications of VideoCAD are supplied only with a registration code. USB dongle is not required.


A personal license allows you to install the application on two computers (work and home or mobile) belonging to the license owner. The username on both computers must be the same. Simultaneous launch of the program on two computers is prohibited.


A corporate license allows installation and simultaneous launch on the number of computers specified in the license at ordering.


To reinstall the program on a new computer, just uninstall the program from the old computer and install it on the new computer. The number of reinstallations is not limited.




Licenses with USB dongle are supported too. The dongle is attached to the computer's USB port. VideoCAD will work on any computer to which the USB dongle is connected.


The USB dongle allows the user:


Install VideoCAD on any number of computers owned by the user without restrictions.
Do not depend on the developer's services when activating and using the program.
Be confident in the confidentiality of your projects. VideoCAD protected by USB dongle does not transfer anything via the Internet.


Changing a license without dongle to a license with dongle and vice versa is possible by request of the user.


Dongle models

Operating instructions for USB dongles