Getting report in PDF format

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Getting report in PDF format

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Getting report in PDF format

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PDF report is the most informative VideoCAD report. It can contain 2D drawings, 3D images, copies of program windows, tables and texts packed into one file.


See examples of PDF reports:


standard report (72 megabytes);
compact report (45 megabytes);
compact report with long strings of camera parameters (27 megabytes);
report with images from cameras in real resolution up to 33 megapixels (92 megabytes);


To see the Real camera resolution, zoom-in images in Acrobat Reader. Especial interesting are Camera 3 and Camera 4.


report with day and night images of outdoor cameras (70 megabytes);
report with horizontal tables of camera parameters (52 megabytes).


To obtain the PDF report:


1.Go to Main Menu> Project> PDF Report.


2.In the PDF report panel that opens, in the Patterns list, select a report pattern, for example Standard report or Compact2.


A report pattern is a set of settings in the PDF Report panel that determine how the report will look and what it will contain.



3.Click on the Create report button.


4.Wait until VideoCAD creates all the necessary images and offers to save the received report to a file. You can ignore warning messages about insufficient image sizes.


If the received report does not suit you, then try to select another pattern in the Pattern list and click the Create report button again.


Patterns use external image and text files located in ..Documents\CCTVCAD\VideoCADXX\Examples  folder. You can replace these files for your reports.


If you need a report with parameters different from the proposed patterns, then most likely you can get it.


You need:


1. Take as a basis one of the patterns that is closest to your requirements and select it in the Pattern list

2. Understand what parameters need to be changed in the PDF report panel.

3. Edit the required parameters.

4. Get a report on new parameters by clicking Create report. Analyze the result.

5. Repeat points 2 to 4 until the required report is received.

6. Save the selected report parameters to your own report pattern by clicking Save on the Pattern panel and enter a new pattern name in the dialog box that appears.

7. Subsequently, you can always choose your pattern and quickly receive reports in the form you need.