Examples of work with VideoCAD

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Examples of work with VideoCAD

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Examples of work with VideoCAD

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First project with VideoCAD, step by step


Adding a camera model to the Camera model database


Modeling megapixel images


Modeling PTZ camera


Modeling cameras with Fisheye lens


Modeling Multisensor camera


Modeling Built-in IR illuminator


Modeling Thermal cameras


Getting report in PDF format


Selecting frame rate on the basis of known target's positions and velocities


Creating animated model of monitor


Simulating distortions of moving objects arising from Exposure time, Interlace scan and Rolling shutter


Calculating lengths of cables and getting Cable report


Using camera rotation around its own axis


Modeling lens distortion


Specifying active area size of the image sensor


Choosing install location for PTZ camera


Checking Depth of Field in horizontal projection


Measuring real view angles


Work with background in AutoCAD formats


Import of 3D models


Work with layers and multi-level projects


Work with 3D models-territories


Export 3D view areas to general 3D design software


Measuring resolution of camera (lens)


Measuring camera sensitivity


Measuring low illumination


Measuring maximum scene illumination for a camera


Choice of camera model according to known scene illumination


Examples of luminaire calculation


Choice of luminaire power and location


Determining spectral efficiency of light source


Measuring projector parameters


Measuring parameters of IR illuminator


Measuring exposure time of IP camera


Measuring rolling shutter row time of IP camera


Import of Camera Models to VideoCAD using MS Excel


Teaching materials