Bandwidth and storage space calculator

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Bandwidth and storage space calculator

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Bandwidth and storage space calculator

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Bandwidth and Storage Space Calculator is a professional tool integrated into VideoCAD for calculating network traffic generated by IP video cameras (video servers) and required storage space for storing video archive.


The Bandwidth and Storage Space Calculator is a well-proven IP Camera CCTV Calculator built into VideoCAD 11 as a tool.


You can open the Calculator by clicking Bandwidth and Storage Space Calculator button on the Graphics window toolbar.


With Bandwidth and Storage Space Calculator you can:


       Calculate network traffic generated by IP cameras and video encoders for the proper design of network IP CCTV systems.
       Calculate disk space required for storing video archives during a specified time.



Calculation can be carried out for IP cameras that generate up to 3 simultaneous video streams (Viewing, Recording, Alarm recording) with different resolution, compression, frame rate and recording time.


Calculation can be carried out for a single camera, all cameras in the project, as well as for isolated groups of cameras, that is useful to estimate the load of separate network segments or equipment. Searching, filtering and sorting are possible in the Table. It is possible to group cameras by models, plans, groups, scenes, patterns or by any combination of parameters with calculation of traffic values for each camera group.


It is possible to correct intermediate results of calculations (frame size, traffic) if you know more accurate experimental data.


The Calculator can work with different sets of input data, depending on their availability and required accuracy. Default values will be assigned to unused fields. Unused columns in the table can be hidden and excluded from the calculation. Created Table Views can be saved and restored when needed. Thus the Calculator can be a simple calculator for simplified calculation only one stream from cameras, and a complex calculator, which takes into account three independent streams, color, sound, scene features, compression algorithm and hardware in use.


Source list of cameras can be entered manually or imported from VideoCAD working project, imported from VideoCAD project file or copied from MS Excel table.


Table of results or its fragments can be printed or exported to the formats: *. txt, *. csv, *. htm, *. rtf, *. xls, *.xlsl, *.xml.


The Table with calculation result can be included in the PDF report.



Calculations are based on practical results of measuring traffic. The results are combined in the Calculation Patterns, which are editable text files in XML format. The Patterns can be edited by any text editor or XML editor. Special patterns can be created by skilled users or manufacturers (distributors) of CCTV equipment by practical measurements of traffic for certain equipment, scenes and compression algorithms. Different cameras in one project can be assigned different patterns.  The patterns can include a list of supported camera models. If any model from the list is assigned to a camera in the table, then calculation for the camera performs according to the pattern. Thus the maximum possible calculation accuracy can be achieved.  The patterns can contain results of traffic measurements for some averaged scene with correction factors for its complexity and activity, and the results of traffic measurement for real scenes



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