Example 7  CCTV design using Monitor window and PTZH frame

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Example 7  CCTV design using Monitor window and PTZH frame

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Example 7  CCTV design using Monitor window and PTZH frame

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The Monitor window and the new tool in the 3D Video - PTZH frame allow to project video surveillance system by a new method, working directly with images from video cameras. This method can be very convenient.


Order of work:


1. Create the project, load background, by means of constructions create 3D model of environment and place 3D models of people and cars at control points.


2. Preliminary place cameras in the Graphics window.


3. Choose camera models if necessary.


4. Open the Monitor window, choose Dimension of monitor. This dimension must be a little bit greater than quantity of cameras. Connect all cameras to this monitor. On the monitor images from preliminary placed cameras will be visible.

Click to expand
Click to expand


5. Analyze images. If an image is not optimum, do the following:


Double click the image. 3D Video will appear.
In the Main menu of 3D Video choose item View> PTZH frame.


Using the frame, adjust position and parameters of the camera to get optimum image. At the same time, changes in the Graphics window are performed automatically.


Thus adjust all cameras. If necessary move cameras in the Graphics window, create additional cameras and delete the cameras, which have become unnecessary.
If one monitor is not enough to control video surveillance system, connect cameras to other monitors in the Monitor window.


6. As a result we receive ready project:


Drawing of cameras' placement in the Graphics window;
Images of video surveillance system on monitors;
Description of all cameras for an explanatory note;
A table with all camera parameters.


External link: "The principles of CCTV design in VideoCAD. Part 3. 3D modeling in VideoCAD"(*.pdf) .